The Flying Model - the art of moving is limitless...


Moving Moments

Thomas Seitel Strapaten

The bond - do you know the bond called friendship? You are as one through this bond. A lose bond that never hurts. When it shortens and tightens you long for freedom and search for someone who understands that close friendship means letting the other be (Thomas Seitel).

Aerial Straps

Thrilling Expressions

Thomas Seitel

The coiled spring - the tension is tangible. When will it set free its energy? Suddenly it uncoils and catapults the body attached to it up in the air. The spring's energy is spent and its human counterpart returns to the ground - bouncing gently (Thomas Seitel).                                            

Jumping Stilts

Astounding Art


The art of floating - for decades this ability has fascinated mankind. To move freely through the air with hardly any support, that's breathtaking aesthetics and fascinating magic. Unchained from the burdens of our life - simply enchanting (Thomas Seitel).                                                         

Recent Work